Lara Chamas – Amalgam – Al-mulgahm

29th July – 20th August 2016

Opening Friday 29th July, 6 – 8pm



Amalgam–Al-mulgahm is an exhibition of sculptural and photographic works by Melbourne based artist Lara Chamas.

Lara has taken icons of Australian culture and disrupted their familiarity by imbuing them with Middle Eastern features. In doing so, the works sit uneasily between an Anglo-Australian and Arab aesthetic and are suggestive of the existing cultural disjuncture in contemporary Australian society.

Amalgam-Al-mulgahm is a response to the fear of and perceived “otherness” of Middle Eastern culture  which is still prevalent in sections of the Australian community.  The project is inspired by these societal tensions and how they have played out clearly in various recent events, their portrayal in the media and in the re-actions of the Australian government.

In some works, humour has been deliberately chosen as a powerful vehicle to communicate the absurdity at the root of these fears.