Joanna Anderson and Chris O’brien - Marysville

27th June – 22nd July 2014

Opening Friday 27th June 6 – 8pm

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Joanna Anderson and Chris O’Brien have collaborated on drawing projects since 2010.

Chris’s practice involves building narratives around things that exist in his life – like neighbourhood houses, his friends and colleagues, and television programmes he likes. Joanna draws portraits and makes comics about true stories.

Together, Joanna and Chris combine fact with fiction to make comics in a process that requires trust, patience, and complex negotiation. They recently spoke about their book ‘Rush: with Chris in it as a police officer’ at the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival.

Chris is currently also an artist at Arts Project Australia.


“The house is having one of its dark days.
There was a thunderstorm. Hailstones like golf balls with jagged edges.
2 people died in the house when they were asleep and they missed out on
eating their dinner.

(Chris lives there with his 3 girlfriends, the police officers Stella, Shannon and

I’d like to try and get the plan of it. Talk to the people that own the house.
I’d like to go there and meet the people. See if they can come to the
Have you ever knocked on the door?
Maybe I’ll get you to do that.

A clock and a photo of that Kate off Neighbours
Who is ringing you up on the phone?
You, talking about doing a book together after work.
You can probably finish about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. At the police station.
Our other friends work at the police station.”

Joanna Anderson’s blog:

Rush: made in Victoria with Chris in it as a police officer