Michele Vescio – Thresholds and Limitations

August 26th – September 17th 2016

Opening Friday August 26th, 6-8pm

‘Thresholds and Limitations’ is comprised  of five sound works by Melbourne-based sound artist and noise enthusiast Michele Vescio.

All environments are particular – in their appearance, in their smell and in the way that the shape/size and material makeup of their boundaries produce a certain quality of sound.  It is the latter that fascinates Michele Vescio.  Michele seeks out various environments, imbeds himself in them and records live sound.   From these sound ‘reproductions’ Michele chooses parts to deconstruct, stretch and manipulate.

The final offerings are aural landscapes that are simultaneously far removed, yet intrinsically linked, to their sources.  They are both pure and adulterated landscapes.

The works in this exhibition evade literal interpretation. Through the vehicle of abstraction they invite the listener to experience them in an intensely personal way.

Michele has collaborated/performed/exhibited at 24Hour Experience/Festival of Live Art, MCA ArtBar/Glitter Militia, The Rumpus Room, Feck:Art/Melbourne Fringe Festival, Tempting Failure/The Island, Projekt 3488, Contain Yourself, BONIKO/Laing, Ironside Studios, The New Recollection/Murray Art Museum Albury, Brunswick Street Gallery, Chalk Horse Gallery.

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