Evelyn Miburo – Ibyiza Vy’Bwami

17th October – 8th November 2014

Opening: Friday 17th October 6 – 8pm. There will be traditional Burundian food, dancing and a performance by the FLYBZ.

Workshops: Saturday 8th November, 1-4pm. Learn how to make a small Burundian basket at Little Woods Gallery. Email: to register.


Evelyn Miburo is a powerful human. To survive while living in an African refugee camp, Evelyn wove traditional Burundian baskets out of grass to make a little extra money to support her family.

Now living in Australia, Evelyn uses colourful strands from rice bags and continues to make her baskets. Traditionally these baskets were used for everything from wrapping a birthday present, storing food, or as decoration. Evelyn even weaves the names of her children, family or friends in to the baskets if its a birthday or special celebration,

Evelyn is the family and force behind Melbourne’s favourite rappers – the FLYBZ 

Join us at Little Woods to celebrate Evelyn Miburo and her plethora of skills.